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the Making of this Site...
The pictures were scanned after the trip which was mid of 1999 and the write-ups later on circa mid-August 1999. That was a long time! I was busy learning FLASH and 3D Studio, so had to stall this project until recently.
Wanting to keep this site organic was the main idea and learning Dreamweaver again in a week's time is tough but time well worth spent.
the making...
the Making....
the "Gang"
Blooper 1
Blooper 2
Blooper 3
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The "Kenyir Lake" logo is rendered in 3D Studio with true shadows but not very noticable. Behind the logo is a water element to represent Tasik Kenyir's watery paradise merged using Photoshop. The leftmost "leaves" are also in 3D. They ain't real.
Some "sticks" you see littered on top shows the protuding trees dotting the lake. There are only 3 scanned sticks. The ones u see are duplicates of the three, resized and inverted here and there.
The animated GIF-format butterfly is actually a 3D-rendered butterfly with animated wings done in 3D Studio. 30 frames were used.