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Two towering limestone caves, Bewah and Taat, are occasionally shrouded in mists provide one of the most spectacular sights in Tasik Kenyir with its dark interiors and surrounding tranquility.

Before the creation of Tasik Kenyir, Taat has three caves with the lowest, the now submerged Tok Bidan Cave is where archaeologists and historians had unravel artifacts such as kitchen utensils, axes and tools aging back to the Neolithic era. Luckily the other two entrances can still be accessed.

Hilly Regions
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Bewah cave has one entrance. Inside these pitch dark caves, murals of stalactites and stalagmites that adorns the cave walls awaits the explorer. High-powered torchlights are recommended. As Taat and Bewah hold many secrets of the past, further expeditions area being planned by KETENGAH, State Museum and other government agencies.

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