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Many thanks to our two extremely good guides :
Forest Ang (016-4548399)
Jungle Leong (04-6393199)
who knows where to take us, being good sport and kept us entertained throughout the journey. They were also the ones who guided us during our Taman Negara trip. They are members of MNS (Malaysia Nature Society). Do contact them for their latest trips and excursions. They're all very interesting.
Many friends that we made during our trip, hope we'll meet up again some time.
the Making....
the "Gang"
Blooper 1
Blooper 2
Blooper 3
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More thanks, "terima kasihs"
:) endless kind people who provided me with free MP3s to download and kept me HOT during my 1 week hiatus into making this long time coming site.
:) references and picture to KETENGAH's Kenyir Lake brochure. Staff of 100 Islands Lake Resort for serving us fresh fish, bee hoon, water and those great coffee. Getting us out of the "boating" drama.
:) All the creepy crawlies for not biting/stinging us. No warm-blooded mammals were killed in making this site.
:) Shan and Chee Leong for their great shots. My colleagues and good fun friends, for what adventure is all about. Instead of hanging out in Central Perk, we hang out in mosquito-infested natural havens. Cute?
:) my Genius ColourPage-Vivid Pro 2 scanner, Starcraft, Urban Operations and FIFA 2001.
:) Regina for understanding my obsessions. :)