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The fishes in Tasik Kenyir are pampered lots with over 380,000 hectares of water catchment area to wander around. You can even catch fishes with your bare hands during the wet rainy season! Some 300 species of freshwater fishes dwell in this watery kingdom. When it was flooded, a lot of trees were submerged in the process thus rendering them incapable of surviving.

Hilly Regions
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So, you can see a lot protruding dead trees around Tasik Kenyir. But these tree serves as the most perfect breeding grounds for fishes there as algae growing on them forms the main sustenance for the fishes.

However, the majority of fishes thrive in the rivers flowing into Kenyir especially near estuaries where nutrients are found in abundance. Most of the bigger fishes live around the protuding trees which goes to say that they have successfully colonized these areas.

So, the dead trees are not a bane or a sore sight, they area now part of the ecosystem here in Tasik Kenyir.