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Hilly Regions

The tropical jungle around the hilly regions is estimated to be millions of years old, with a large array of plants and wildlife thrive within its vast ecosystem. Dipterocarpus shrouds the horizon with towering trees of the majestic Keruing, Meranti and Kapor looming above. The highest elevation in Tasik Kenyir is Mount Chergau. Mount Gagau is the second highest peak in Taman Negara after Mount Tahan (highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia) with an elevation of 4,514 feet above sea level.

Hilly Regions
Hilly Regions
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Organised expeditions to Mount Gagau have been proven to be exhilarating and many who have conquered it will agree that it was an experience to cherish. Incidentally, Mount Gagau is the only peak in Kenyir which has facilities like base camps and hiking trails while others like Bongsu, Tembat, Raung, Kachang, Chergau and Gajah Terom has yet to be "established".

KETENGAH (Central Terengganu Development Authority) has identified the large potential in eco-tourism in Kenyir and is working on setting up more base camps, hiking trails, organizing more activities and development. All closely scruntinized projects are done whilst ensuring its natural heritage is maintained. Ardent adventurers are advised to consult the relevant authorities before venturing into these hilly regions.