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17 April 1999 (cont)

Anyway, at Kuala Berang, we had our morning breakfast at 2 restaurants there and had a short stroll around the wet market which features rather peculiar assortment of vegetables and dairies. The traders were friendly and sport a very good price for their goods as well, compared to Penang.

After that, it was in the very-cold-air-con-bus again. A short trip uphill later, we were greeted by a humming sound and a very beautiful twisty river.

Sultan Mahmud
Sultan Mahmud


Lasir Waterfall
Boat ride
Bewah Cave
Chendana falls
Fresh fish
Going home
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This river led to the loud sound that saw a hill sliced to accommodate the Sultan Mahmud Hydro Electric Power Plant. What a massive human construction - sometimes I wonder how man can built this. It seems the whole Kenyir lake's only water exit is through this dam which generates a very clean source of electric power.