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17 April 1999 (cont)

Our tour entourage, which was 30-odd people, was divided into two boats for our travel to 100 Island Resort, our "home" for the next two days. Alas, my camera broke at the wrong time and I had to borrow the camera from my friends. We arrived at the resort just in time for lunch, which was already prepared. Quickly, we kept our gear in our rooms and ate away like wild dogs.

The resort is sort of a floating array of houses buoyed by large logs tied together to form a rectangular with a "swimming pool" in the middle.

Sultan Mahmud


Lasir Waterfall
Boat ride
Bewah Cave
Chendana falls
Fresh fish
Going home
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The contraption was very stable maybe because there weren't much water movements in the lake. To perform our sanitary business, we had to run to the toilets built on an islet the resort was attached to by a long "bridge" made of logs.

picture : the "swimming pool"