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18 April 1999

After that, we just sat and watched the sun rose with its mirror dancing in the ripples of the calm flowing water. Breakfast was served in the form of fried mee hoon and some black coffee and tea.

Gua Bewah (Bewah Cave) will be our destinational visit today as two boats got ready for the long ride ahead. We were enjoying the scenery as we sat at the stern of the boat, getting the cool wind blowing in our faces as we shared adventures and laughter.

Boat ride
Sultan Mahmud


Lasir Waterfall
Boat ride
Bewah Cave
Chendana falls
Fresh fish
Going home
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Some played cards and took photos. The sky was kind to us too and large formation of clouds billowing above, blocking most of the hot sun. Then, we had a problem…

picture : watching the sun rise... er.. a lot