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17 April 1999 (cont)

Then, in two boats, we headed for Lasir Waterfall, which took less than an hour to reach. The boats weaved through small islets and avoid the protruding trees that dotted the lakescape everywhere. The familiar sound of waterfall was heard upon reaching because it's not far away from our landing point.

After a very brief trek, we saw the beautiful cascading Lasir Waterfall. Dense trees shrouded it and the water was very very cold even though it was hot in the afternoon. .

Lasir Waterfall
Sultan Mahmud


Lasir Waterfall
Boat ride
Bewah Cave
Chendana falls
Fresh fish
Going home
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A short trek further up revealed a couple of other waterfalls. There were lots of butterflies around the waterfalls and a few cameras amongst us were busy snapping away with macro lens. Hours passed quickly and it was time to leave for dinner so it was another trip back to the resort.

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