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17 April 1999 (cont)

Reaching the resort, some went for a quick dip in the "swimming pool" and others went kayaking around. An eagle was watching us from very far above. Tired, we had our dinner and watched the sunset amidst thunderous cloud beyond the horizon. It was going to pour, we thought. It did that night. Heavily.

Three of us guys shared a room, Shan, Chee Leong and me. It was pitch dark at night, we couldn't even see our hands!!

Lasir Waterfall
Sultan Mahmud


Lasir Waterfall
Boat ride
Bewah Cave
Chendana falls
Fresh fish
Going home
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We woke up quite early and could hardly see a thing at 6 am and we were all had to go!!! Because it was so dark, we couldn't run to the toilets, so what the heck - we just lined up outside and shot to the "pool". We couldn't see anything, so we doubt anybody would see us. Anyway, the water needs all the minerals it could get...

picture : kayaking is tough!